The Moodle 3.8 Dashboard

Dashboard. Everyone in Moodle has their own personal page called their dashboard.

On many Moodle sites you'll be taken to the dashboard once you're logged in. If not you can get to it by clicking the link in the user menu or in the nav drawer. It's a page where you'll have an overview of the courses that you are enrolled - our participant Sam is enrolled in two courses, the Learn Moodle Basics where she is a student and her own practice course that she requested, where she is a teacher. There's also a timeline showing activity deadlines.

For example our participant Sam must complete the Week 1 tutorial and tasks in the Learn Moodle Basics course. Sam's dashboard includes a Recently accessed items block so when she comes back another time she can see where she was last working.

You can customize the dashboard by clicking the Customize this page button and reset it back to the sites default to by clicking the Reset button. Blocks may be moved to the centre of the dashboard, as here, and moved below or above other blocks as here. New blocks may be added by clicking Add block in the nav drawer. Our video on Blocks gives more information. Here we see the available blocks for the dashboard, including starred courses and recently accessed courses.

Let's look at a different Moodle site with a different student to understand these blocks and the course overview further. Here our Student Mark's Course overview is displaying all his courses but he can change this view. Courses may be bookmarked or 'starred' from the three dots and then quickly located. He can also hide courses in the same way and if he needs to find them he simply filters Removed from view. Courses may be displayed either by their title or by last access. The course images or cards can be added by teachers from the course settings, and instead of this display, there's also the option to see them as a list as here, or as a summary. as here...

If we zoom out, we see the Timeline over on the right, where our student Mark can sort items by due date and filter the display by date or courses. The Recently accessed courses block displayed here in the central area of the dashboard shows just those courses you were most recently active in, while the Starred courses block, also in the center, displays those courses you've bookmarked or starred in the Course overview.

Let's go back to our Learn Moodle participant Sam�s dashboard one final time. Note that if you have a very small screen the blocks on the side will appear in the center, underneath other blocks as here.

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